Welcome to pages of Vital world in Košice at Furča Housing Estate.
--=|Vitalny Raj|=--

Vital world is situated in Košice at Furča Housing Estate and offers relax and ease for its visitors :

  • Celtic Sauna with temperature level of 100 - 105°C and relative humidity of 20 - 35%, maximum 6 persons
  • Herbal Sauna with herbal inhalation of 3 herbs and a temperature level of 43 - 50°C and relative humidity of 50 - 60%
  • Hydro - massaging pool <3,8 m x 4,0 m>, max. water line 1,3m
  • Hydro - massaging showers with cold and hot water
  • Good music and aromas
  • Tepidarium - place to relax, pleasure form water and warmth
All these helps to smooth for everyday stress and become more tenable.